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How I Broke My Skin

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 My Broken Skin

It's been two weeks since the start of this story, and thankfully my skin is back to normal - just like it normally is, with no blemishes, no hyperpigmentation and no loose, sagging or lackluster skin. But two weeks ago, while I was close to my daily routine of brushing my teeth, I noticed all these strange things out of the corner of my eye. I looked in the mirror and suddenly realized that my skin was in bad shape. I had become super dehydrated, my eyes were dark, and my face was blotchy and dull. It was like I'd suddenly aged overnight and I was feeling pretty down about it. As an Esthetician and Cosmetic Professional, I know what it takes to have healthy skin, and I was eager to get it back. Thank goodness it's all normal again now!

As aging is a natural part of life, I was surprised to see evidence of it appearing sooner than I comfortabely expected. So, I decided to explore which habits could have been contributing to this. After some investigation, it turns out that I had been drinking Emergen-C for a couple of days, only taking Dayquil for relief and not drinking nearly enough water. On top of that, I had kept the thermostat at 76 degrees throughout the day and night, and I had completely forgotten about my nightly skin care routine! Ouch.

Hi friends! 💕 To restore my skin, I first dimmed the heat in my home and then activated my portable humidifier around each room. I made sure to drink nothing but water throughout the day until 8 PM, and then I diligently used my B4bed Night Cream, Nile Hyaluronic, and Native Botanical Face Oil -- and now my skin is looking better than ever! 🤩

back to normal! I am so thankful. Photo after about a week.

Photo of Jacqueline



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