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Women Health Week

Women Health Week

Women's Health Week. May 9th- May 15th

Benefits of Incorporating Face Masks in your Skin Care Routine

Skincare is the deliberate use of products fitting for your skin type. In essence, skincare seeks to establish and maintain glowing, healthy skin. 

With all that a Mother does, she surely deserves to be pampered. As a mother, there is no better way to pamper yourself than to care for your skin. 

What better way to care for and pamper your skin than to choose a facial mask to add to your skincare routine?

Facial masks provide deep cleansing to your pores while keeping your skin subtle and moisturized. 

Here are some other great benefits to consider as you select the best face mask. 

    1. Improved Hydration. The use of facial masks at least once per week increases your skin's moisture balance. This promotes a more youthful glow. 

    1. Anti-Aging. Facial masks help to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and aged spots (brown spots). Thus, improving the texture of your skin. 

    1. Even Skin Tone. The consistent use of facial masks is excellent at lessening the appearance of hyperpigmentation, thus improving skin tone and texture.

    1.  Relaxation.We love when our mothers get the opportunity to relax because it's quite rare. So as your weekly getaway, apply your face mask and while it does the work by being on your face for 15-20 minutes - turn on some music, sit and have a moment of sheer relaxation and rejuvenation. 

Final Thoughts

Cleansing your face daily is good, but at least once a week, be sure to soak in added benefits with the application of your best facial mask.


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