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Three Sister Skin Vitamins

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My Three Sisters

Hey there – March is just around the bend, and its National Women's Month – yeah, girls! I'm all about supporting my sisters, no matter who they are or where they come from. Speaking of sisters, I have three that I can't imagine living without – they bring me so much joy, especially when it comes to looking after my skin. Let me introduce you to them: first, let me introduce sister Vitamin A! She's the one who's responsible for keeping my skin looking young. She's a form of retinol, and her job is to make sure that I keep those pesky fine lines and wrinkles at bay – I take one capsule every day, and that helps me feel confident that my skin will stay radiant.

Greetings to my sister, Vitamin C coming through! One of the most important tasks she takes on is maintaining my skin tone. She also assists me in minimizing dark spots caused by hyperpigmentation. She's found in several fruits such as oranges and lemons, making them wonderful natural brightening agents. Now, I have taken a lemon directly to my skin to reduce darkness in some areas - a suggestion I offer with caution though, as it may be accompanied by a slight sting and the peeling of the skin, but don't worry - a quality moisturizer will bring it back to life in no time!

Finally, it's time to meet my beloved sister, Vitamin E! She's the most important one among the three. Don't be so hard on yourself, Sister E - but you're the one responsible for keeping our skin's natural moisture in check! Your presence is appreciated whenever we experience dry, irritated skin, as well as when our skin is exposed to UV rays. Not to mention, you reduce flakiness. Another reason to love you: you're a fat-soluble vitamin that helps support our immune system, enhance cell function, and improve skin health. But that's not all - as an antioxidant, you come in handy when combating the damaging effects of free radicals due to partaking in metabolic processes or being exposed to toxins. Thank you, Vitamin E! 

So - I hope you enjoyed meeting my sisters, A, C, and E! I want to encourage you to add them to your daily skincare routine - although it is possible to get these vitamins from food, I find that taking one supplement daily is the best for me. Have a great day!


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