Be Thankful For Your Gifts.

It was supposed to be another productive year but  2020 has shown up differently as we all know. However, on the upside It has been a good year in spite of it all. I have been able to truly understand the gifts that God has blessed me with. And I am truly grateful. I thank God for revealing to me clearly what my purpose is in life. With this revelation and re-evaluation I am Truly

Thankful for my Gifts.
What’s Your Gift? We have all been blessed with a gift or two. I don’t mean ones that we physically open, I mean that spiritual gift that we are born with. My question to you. Have you tapped into your gift? Have you been a bit confused 🤷🏽‍♀️ about what your gift is? Well here are some simple instructions keep reading.



I guess by now you can see that I am a women of God, and not ashamed to tell the world. So if you receive this email and have different opinions about this content understand; go ahead and unsubscribe or delete. 🙏🏿💋Moving on so here are three steps you need to take to receive understanding of your spiritual gift.  A S K:

  • A-Ask – You will be given.
  • S-Seek  You will find.
  • K- Knock  And the door will open. ASK

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